International Student Film Fest… for You!

What: The 4th Annual Sacred Heart Prep International Student Film Festival (SHPIFF) is a showcase of work by high school filmmakers from around the world.

Who: Active young filmmakers – here in the Bay Area of San Francisco or further afield in storybook lands like Japan, the United Kingdom, or Brazil.  That means YOU!

Where: At our dear school nestled in the heart of the innovation capital of the world: Silicon Valley.

When: April 1st 2017 is the deadline for film submissions.  April 21st 2017 is the film screening!

How do you submit?  Films can be up to 10 minutes.  There are 5 categories for films:

  1. Drama: any serious-minded fictional story telling, like: family/relationship drama, thriller, horror, suspense, adventure, romance.  Make us think, cry, feel, cringe, or all of the above!
  2. Comedy/Musical: music videos, comic sketches, satire, mockumentary, dance videos, extreme tomfoolery. Put us in stitches, give us knee-slappers, drop real zingers!
  3. Documentary Enlighten us! Tell a real story! Be the detective of truth!
  4. Experimental: avant-garde, art house, surrealism, cinematic poetry, personal expression, artistic interpretation, abstraction.  Mad scientists of the silver screen, blow our minds!
  5. Social Justice: our special theme, which can overlap with categories above: social crusading, political provocation, spurring to action.  Ignite the flames of change!  

Submit your work using this Google form:

The festival will be streamed live!  The audience – there and around the world – will vote via text on their favorite film.  Audience Choice Award comes with $104.21!

If you have any questions, reach out to Nick at

-The SHPIFF Team