The Shack is Back! (Issue 3, Lifestyle)

by Kaitlyn Smith (’22)

Did you hear? The shack is back! Sugar Shack, a candy shop owned by a Sacred Heart family, has re-opened after a multi-year break. The candy shop, located in downtown Menlo Park, carries a variety of candies ranging from gummies to chocolate,. The shop actively uses social media such as Instagram to share events and specials they offer. In the shop, the owners have hung a festive ‘sugar shack’ themed wall, to help market their business, creating a cool place where customers can take pictures to post and tag Sugar Shack. The family that owns the candy shop, hires students from around the area, giving them the opportunity to gain retail experience and while working with friends and socializing with the customers. The shop hires local teenagers from schools such as Sacred Heart Prep ranging to Menlo and  Menlo-Atherton. By hiring locals, it allows customers to see a friendly face while shopping for sweets and allows the workers to build a relationship with their coworkers and regular customers. They recently started to sell merchandise, which has been a giant hit. Menlo Park locals are seen parading their Sugar Shack shirts and sweatshirts around as a fashion statement, while subtly advertising for the store. The Sugar Shack has become a popular hangout spot, for students at the middle schools nearby and high schools nearby, and draws in more customers each time!

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