Where Should We Eat? (Issue 3, Lifestyle)

by Sofia Akhtar (’21)

There are so many great restaurants in the Bay Area. Yet, the most common question asked is,“Where should we go eat?”There are so many different and amazing places for all types of foods, for any time of the day. 

Going out to brunch or breakfast with your friends? Here is a list of places scattered around the Bay Area that have amazing breakfast menus. 

BlueStone Lane Cafe: Located both in Los Altos and San Francisco

This cafe recently opened downtown Los Altos and typically serves healthier options. BlueStone Lane serves both breakfast and lunch and is typically always filled with people. The cafe menu’s favorites are the Avocado Smash, the Good Grains Granola, Banana Breads, and Breakfast Bowls. For lunch, they have the Rainbow Bowl, Avocado, spinach, red cabbage, carrots, sheep’s milk feta, a poached egg & herbed yogurt dressing, and many more salads and sandwich options. 

Cafe Borrone: Menlo Park

Of course, another great breakfast spot is Cafe Borrone. If you are more of a pancake and pastry person for the morning, Borrone is the perfect place to eat. Unlike Bluestone Cafe, Cafe Borrone serves foods such as stacks of buttermilk and banana pancakes, Belgian Waffles, scrambled eggs and more.

Rangoon Ruby: Palo Alto 

The Bay Area has some of the most authentic and delicious Burmese food. Rangoon Ruby is a Burmese restaurant located in downtown Palo Alto. The restaurant is known for its delicious tea leaf salads, mango chicken and Nan Gyi Dok: rice noodles topped with coconut chicken sauce, yellow bean powder, cilantro, and fried onion, topped with hard-boiled egg and crispy wontons. Rangoon Ruby is a great place to try new types of flavorful and authentic food for dinner. 

Boulevard Restaurant: San Francisco

The Boulevard Restaurant in San Francisco has some of the best dessert options. While they serve lunch and dinner, the desserts are one of a kind. Their most known dessert is the Dark Chocolate & Marshmallow Candy Bar Bite. They also serve pastries such as Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Bon Bon: a toasted marshmallow fluff, with a white chocolate raspberry shell. 

Wildseed: San Francisco

Wildseed is a plant based vegan restaurant. They serve brunch and lunch, with delicious meals such as: Spinach benedict, tofu scramble, spinach, English muffin, avocado, turmeric hollandaise, potatoes, and the Green Forest Flatbread, broccolini, chanterelles, chimichurri, and smoked mozzarella, arugula. 

Square Pie Guys: San Francisco

Known for its Square pies in flavors such as pepperoni, chicken caesar and more. They also have other menu options such as wings and sandwiches. Square Pie guys has delicious desserts such as monkey bread with caramel dip and whipped cream.

Local union 271: Palo Alto

Great place to grab dinner or brunch with friends. They have amazing tomato soup and a great selection of tacos. They do brunch, lunch and dinner. 

NM cafe, Neiman Marcus Cafe: San Francisco

Hungry and tired after shopping around union square? Visit Neiman Marcus’s cafe on the third floor. The cafe has a beautiful architecture and is perfect for a lunch with friends. Every meal comes with a cup of chicken soup and warm popovers with strawberry butter.

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