SHP Ceramics (Issue 3, A&A)

By Shahnawaz Syed (‘22)

One of the most beloved classes at SHP is Ceramics. Introduction to Ceramics and Advanced Ceramics, both taught by Mr. Schultz, are the two courses offered at SHP. But what makes it so fun? Sophomore Tyler Weisel (‘22) says, “it’s a relaxing getaway from the stressful school day,” and Thomas Molumphy (‘22) believes that “ceramics is a gateway into parts of myself that I’ve never discovered; it allows me to tap into my creative side”.

Students usually rotate between creating their masterpiece with clay and then glazing (painting) it once it comes out of the kiln. After one more round in the kiln, the clay structures are done and looking fabulous. So far this year, many projects have been done, including the perfect cup, the cubic cup, and a keepsake box. Our resident ceramics master, Mr. Schulz, is just as loved as the class itself. He said what he likes most about the craft is “the ability to take clay and push it around and make all kinds of things, new and different.” Mat Bucher (‘22) is one artist who created something unique : a mug with “BBB” on it, signifying the popular Big Baller Brand. All students at SHP should consider taking this course, as after talking to Mr. Schulz and numerous students, it is clear that it is a rewarding experience.

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