Independent Lifting Program (Issue 3, A&A)

by Jack Frauenhofer (’22)

The independent lifting program, constructed by Coach Blaugrund (Coach B) and Coach Haack, is a great way to improve strength and conditioning, which can help prepare athletes for the season or just generally  stay healthy. After participating in the program during the spring, I would definitely recommend this to every Sacred Heart athlete. There is no set time, meaning if someone has a free period, is free during W, X, and Y periods, or has time after school, the weight room is generally available for athletes to train with the coaches. The coaches, with a notice before hand, will create a training card designed with workout routines for different days, helping the athletes learn these workouts until they feel comfortable doing it by themselves. While lifting weights is great for the body, further work must be put in to maximize the benefits  of strength training. A proper diet, sleep, and effort are needed to see improvements. Coach B recommends at least 8 hours of sleep, emphasizing the “at least.” For eating, Coach B always says “calories are king,” meaning lots of healthy calories full of carbohydrates and protein will make a positive effect in conjunction with the lifting. Overall, the independent lifting program is great to condition and strengthen the body while having help along the way. If interested, please email Coach B or Coach Haack.

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