17th Annual Valpo Bowl

Robert Plaschke (’22) — player’s point of view:

Coming up on November 8 is one of the best Sacred Heart traditions: playing Menlo School in football. This game is important for many reasons. Obviously, both schools want bragging rights: the game is called the Valpo Bowl, because whoever wins the game that year “owns” the street Valparaiso upon which both schools are situated. This year, Sacred Heart comes in as the favorite after winning their other games against King’s Academy and a close loss to BHS. Last year, SHP prevailed over Menlo, beating them 53 to 15. Throughout the entire game, SHP dominated offense to defense, winning every snap. Coming into this year’s game, expectations are high and the student body is still very confident that they will win. When talking to Jack Frauhauger (‘22), a JV captain, he explained the JV team’s motivations and what they want the outcome to be for their game. He said, “I think we have a good chance to show Menlo who is boss.” When asking Varsity players about what they expect to happen, Braden Fitzgerald (‘22) answered, “I think we all will do our jobs and will take a dub,”also praising Varsity QB Teddy Purcell, stating, “Teddy will ball out and have a great game.” Finally, when asked about what his final scoring prediction would be, he answered, “35-0….Sacred Heart of course.” Everybody is confident that this year will be just like last. Sacred Heart and Menlo both are preparing for a great game to see who owns Valpo. 

Tevita Moimoi in the 16th annual Valpo Bowl (2018). Photo: Tony Avelar, Bay Area News Group

Beck O’Kelly (’22) — football point of view:

Coming into the rivalry game, the Menlo Varsity team is riding a red hot 3 game losing streak and are sitting at a 3-6 record, while being 1-4 in league play. The Knights do not look good coming in Valpo, being outscored in their last 3 outings 109 to 45. Their chances of winning Valpo look slim. Based on their previous losses, the Knights should be able to get on the scoreboard Friday night, but these results will not indicate the result of the game. On the other hand, the Gators also look to rebound from a disappointing loss to Burlingame High School. It was a close contest but SHP fell short, losing 14-21. The Gators are currently have a record of 6-3 while being 3-2 in league play. Despite their recent losses, the score does not tell the whole story. In the past 4 games, the Gators have outscored their opponents 120-63. Despite losing a few close games, the team has managed to keep the games close and competitive. This year’s Valpo Bowl will hopefully be as competitive as years past. Everyone at SHP hopes the Gators can improve their Valpo Bowl record to 13-7 with a dub this week. 

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