Playoff Preparation in Fantasy

by Andrew Rocha (’23)

In these upcoming weeks in fantasy football, it is important to win many games to secure a playoff spot or boost your playoff seed. There are a couple of things that you can do in your league to improve your chances of winning. In general, if there are any players that are averaging over 12 points in a standard league or 15 points in a PPR league still on waivers it would be a smart idea to pick those players up as soon as possible. Even if they would be on your bench or are positions that you have filled on your team, they can be really good trade bait players. For example, if you had a good averaging second running back or second wide receiver, and you stuck one of these players in, you could trade for a more consistent player or even a first string running back or first string wide receiver.

 If you are looking for a general approach to maximizing your team’s score in your league there are a couple of good strategies to use. If you are playing in a standard scoring league, you want to look for running backs that are good yardage and touchdown options. Even if these are players that are not getting very good targets or run percentages, as long as they are getting around 100 yards and a touchdown or two if possible that is all you need. A good example of one player who is going more unnoticed is Mark Ingram II from the Baltimore Ravens. Although Ingram is not known as an elite running back he is a great running back to have on your team in a standard league because of his strength in the red zone. With a quarterback like Lamar Jackson who is less reliant on his passing game and a less strong wide receiver combination in Baltimore, Ingram besides Jackson himself is the number one touchdown option. Other players like Ingram who go less noticed in your league are very good options to try to trade for. 

For a general strategy in points per reception leagues, stacking up points off of targets is very effective. Even if your receiver or running back is not making high yardage plays, you can still get a lot of points off of receptions. This is why it is good to look for players who are very highly targeted by their quarterbacks like Tyler Lockett and Tyler Boyd. Even though they may not be known as the most elite fantasy wide receivers they are the most targeted wide receivers on their team and can gain lots of reception points. In simple terms, touchdowns for standard scoring leagues and targets for points per reception leagues are the way to go.

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