Spirit Week Recap + Predictions

Today, Wednesday, marks the halfway point for one of the most infamous SHP traditions, Spirit Week. After the first day, the freshmen were in the lead, followed by the juniors and sophomores then the seniors. A strong video showing along with a strong showing in Super Smash Bros should catapult the Seniors to the top of the list after the next counting. The consensus of a subpar video and lobby from the sophomores may contribute to a fall on the list, despite strong spirit from them throughout the week. A good lip sync has been the only thing keeping the sophomores in contention for third. The Juniors have held steady but have been unable to edge out the Seniors thus far, which leads to my prediction of a first place Senior finish followed by the Juniors in second, Freshmen in third, and the Sophomores in fourth. Many events are to come, however, and the finish is far from decided.

-Ryan Carney

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