Spirit Week Is Under Way! Must Read!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the week everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. Of
course, it is Spirit Week. The Seniors, representing red, have chosen royal blood as their theme.
They had a poor start Monday with only thirty points awarded, giving them last place for the
time being. Royal Blood received last place for the video, which for me was surprising because I
thought it was one of the best compared to others.
The Juniors, representing blue, have chosen Monster’s Inc as their theme. Only five
points ahead of the Seniors and in third place, the monsters will be hoping to make a big
comeback against the Sophomores and Freshman after tying with the Sophomores in Round 1 of the Secret Event
but getting last in Round 2. Another thing to note, the JFA alliance has seemed to be
stronger this year, with multiple cheers being brought by both parties, Freshman and Juniors.
The Sophomores, representing yellow, have chosen the olympics, or going for gold, as
their theme. After being neck to neck with the Freshman for first, they are hoping to overcome
the surprisingly challenging Freshman for the cup. They came Second in the video and first in
the secret event.
The Freshman, after many doubts, have surprised the entire student body by achieving
first so far. They represent green, and chose Shrek and the Swamp as their theme. Having
achieved a large amount of points for the video by getting first place and acquiring second in the
secret event, it is safe to say the Freshman should not be counted out. We will see if they will be
able to keep this lead later on in the week.

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