Kyler Murray Chooses Football:

After much deliberation and debate about the right path for his career, football/baseball star Kyler Murray of the University of Oklahoma has firmly stated that he is going to devote himself to being an NFL quarterback. None are more distraught over the decision than the Oakland A’s front office, who drafted Murray 9th overall in the 2018 MLB Draft with the firm belief that Murray had a bright future in baseball. Though the rise to the pros is a slower in baseball with a journey through the minors necessary to reach the bigs, baseball has consistently been a much better long term decision in regards to longevity in the sport. Deion Sanders, one of the few athletes that has been able to pull off playing both sports professionally, even advised Murray to play baseball. Many have also stated that Murray is too undersized to be a NFL quarterback at 5’11’’. Regardless of outside speculation about his future, Murray has made his decision and is firmly committed to it.

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