Winter Formal 2019 Recap

Last Saturday, January 26th was SHP’s Winter Formal. This year, the theme was Winter Wonderland and the practice pavilion was decorated beautifully with twinkle lights and floating branches. Everyone was super excited for the night and the tickets sold out very fast! The majority of us missed the moshing, however, we still danced the night away. The DJ was “boo boo” as stated by senior Joe Hill #wyalilfroggo? The food was good, giving the grilled cheese a 5.75/10 with some mystery green substance in it. The curly fries were a hit!! The water glasses were cute and simple, although it was easy to lose yours. I wonder why so many are sick @kelly @will @wilson @gina. Overall, it was a super fun night and are looking forward to prom! Be sure to grab a used glass in the lobby! #ThanksMonte


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