National CFB Championship Recap

Alabama and Clemson football faced off last week in the college national championship.
The final score was 44-16 with Clemson pulling away with a big lead in the second quarter.
Clemson was phenomenal on the offensive and defensive sides of the field. Clemson’s defense
held one of the best offenses in the league, leading in points per game, to only 16. Alabama was
not able to find success in the second half, with no points put on the board in the third or fourth
quarter. Clemson’s offense, led by Trevor Lawrence (QB) and Justyn Rose (WR), was
explosive. The tigers had outscored Alabama and Nick Saban by 28 points. In the past five
years, Clemson has won two of the four meetings they have had with Alabama. Both of these
wins were during the national championship as underdogs. This whole game was all Clemson,
and we will for sure see more of this young team and their freshman quarterback, Trevor

-John Frauenhofer

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