Super Bowl Predictions!

What we’ve all been waiting anxiously is quickly arriving, the Super Bowl. Now, with well over
than half way through the regular season, a couple teams have shown their prowess in both the AFC and
NFC. But are they teams that can make it to the end? In the NFC two outstanding teams will be battling
it out for the NFC spot in the Super Bowl, the Rams and Saints. Both teams have great offenses but the
rams defense has greatly improved and can give the Saints a run for their money. The other two teams in
the NFC include the Chicago Bears, who have a good defense, and the Cowboys, who are one win away
from winning the NFC East but are not seen as a Super Bowl team. The wildcard teams are too close to
call yet but it is extremely rare for these teams to make the Super Bowl, let alone win. I’m expecting the
Rams and Saints to face off in the NFC finals, with the Rams coming on top but its very close. Both
teams excel in their offense, but the Rams defense is way better than the Saints and should be able to
restrain Drew Brees just as they did with Patrick Mahomes, quarterback of the Chiefs. As a result, the
Saints will make the Super Bowl as the NFC champs in my view. Next week they play the Bears, which
could definitely impact the Bear’s placing in this bracket by showing they can compete with top teams.
In the AFC the top teams are the Chiefs, Patriots, and the Texans along with Pittsburgh or the
Ravens as winners of the NFC North, although the loser will definitely be given a wildcard slot. The
chiefs have been putting on a show every game, but after recent release of Kareem Hunt, their winning
record may be challenged with the run game weak. Plus, their defense may not be good enough to hold
off their opponents. Don’t count them out though, with Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill, anything could
happen. The Texans I’m guessing will not make the Super Bowl. They have lost to the Patriots and weak
teams such as the Giants recently and have only won with close wins. I think it will be between the
Patriots and the Chiefs in the AFC finals. Both teams have great offenses but the Chiefs defense is one of
the worst in the league. If the Patriots can exploit this, they may be able to come off with a win. The
Chiefs excel though in the passing game with Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes, but the release of
Kareem Hunt hurts their chances. I believe it will be a close game and the Patriots will win and be
heading to the Super Bowl again.
In the final game of the NFL season, the Rams and Patriots will square off. The Rams have been
dominant while the Patriots will mostly likely be the underdogs. Everyone loves an underdog, but I think
in this one Tom Brady will take a loss to young star Jared Goff and his offense. Their defense won’t be strong enough and the Ram’s defense will shut down the passing game with Gronk. Note that this is all
an educated guess and may not become true.

– John Frauenhofer

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