Teacher’s Take: Ms.Mo-Fish

Below is an interview with Ms.Mo-Fish, a religion teacher here at SHP. We asked her a few questions to get to know her a little better!

1. How did you get into teaching?
I originally wanted to get a PHD and go into the collegiate level, but I wanted a family, so I decided to teach at SHP instead.
2. How long have you been teaching at SHP?
8 years
3. What is your favorite part about being a teacher?
I get to nerd out on the things I love and force kids to nerd out with me.
4. What is your least favorite part about being a teacher?
Grading; it takes so long and I’m always behind
5. What are some of your hobbies?
I like cooking, hiking and crafting.
6. If you could only take three items to an island, what would you bring?
My husband and two daughters
7. Where did you grow up?
Redwood city
8. Where did you go to college?
Chico state for undergraduate school, graduate school at Berkeley School of Theology
9. Do you have any kids?
Two kids
10. What’s your favorite type of music?
Mostly 90s alternative
11. Favorite movie?
Wayne’s World


By Matthew Kim (’21) and Lindsay Lynch (’19)

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