Fashion Trends Make a Comeback 2018

Over the years, we have seen  variety of old, vintage trends coming back. However, designers around the world have begun recreating the most influential fashion pieces of the 1900s. Designers are incorporating their own artistically touches, while still preserving the unique aspects of the old trends.

Does anyone remember their Dad’s old sneakers that he had when you were young? The ones he never got rid of from the 90s? Well those have, indeed, returned as one of the biggest, and most current fashion trends. Yes those weird, chunky, and ugly looking things your dorky dad once wore are now considered fashionable. Shocking I know! All people can think of is dirty, run down, and embarrassing. But please allow me the opportunity to change your perspective. Nike air forces screamed trendy a year ago and still do. I remember people being scared to buy air forces because they were bulky and who the heck would wear shoes that looked like they were meant for your basketball games. Well let me ask you another question. Who the hell would wear shoes that look like they belong to your freak of a dad? I could give you a list of celebrities and designers who would, but I am not gonna because I want you to expect that whatever trends I am telling you about they are being worn by the people you idolize. To get to my point, September 2017, Balenciaga released their Triple S sneaker, a slight replication of the heineiss shoes your dad once owned, but not completely. This time, they are fresh, sporty, and unique. The breath-taking refinement of the “once” lame sneakers lead to a domino effect. Brands like Gucci and Chanel followed in their remarkable footsteps. The sick aspects of their sneakers leave people more than willing to do 900 dollars-worth of damage in their bank accounts. I mean if you have 900 dollars that’s great. You get the new, popular sneakers. There does, however, remain a cheaper way to look like a high fashion badass. All you have to do is simply raid your dad’s dorky closet.

If you’re unable to find his dirty sneakers, find his old fanny pack, an 80s inspired look. They were a meme, I am aware, but not anymore. Now, they are seen as edgy, tasteful, and an ESSENTIAL. They add that “high fashion” look that everyone wants in an outfit. Many of you view these fanny packs as ugly giveaways. But, they are nothing like that. Take a look at the picture next to the disgusting one. Yes, Bella Hadid. Yes, Alexander Wang. Two of the fashion world’s icons. Wang made that beautiful, black leather with accented metal cross body fanny pack. He’s not the first, however, this trend can be found in the collections of Balenciaga, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and the list goes on. This abundant collection is an accurate representation of designers outstanding ability to take a 19th century trend and recreate an eye grabbing piece of art. You can call me crazy, but that would mean calling Balenciaga, Gucci, Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, AND Alexander Wang crazy too. “The pack trend” is not going anywhere, it will continue to dominate in the fashion world. Be bold…I dare you!

Have you ever been challenged to take a risk or to do something that seems so out of the ordinary? I know I have. Most of the time, people either compliment my outfits or laugh at them. Yes, I admit that my outfits are at times a little bit off the mark or “out there.” But, I like taking bold chances. To me, fashion is a representation of who I am. I am weird, real, outspoken, reserved, wise, articulate, and quirky.  I am Kelsey Burns. I love fashion, writing, and being myself. If I dressed like everyone else I think I would feel more accepted, but who really wants to lose themselves in the image of someone else?


By Kelsey Burns (’20)

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