5th Annual SHP International Film Festival – April 27 2018

Awards Results


Best Picture… The Pool, by Kelly Long (Saratoga High School)


Most Daring… We Like It, by Sally Pfeiffer (Garrison Forest High School)


Audience Choice… The Divide, by Chris Kam (Sonoma Academy)


Social Justice… Dreamers, by Alexia Gutierrez (Sacred Heart Prep)


>>> Congratulations, award winners!! <<<


Event promo video (created by Rob Wallace SHP’18):


Full livestream recording of the April 27th event:


And other individual films from the festival program (in no particular order):



  • April 27, 2018

    Brian Bell

    Nicely done and so cool to watch from off site. Sorry I could not be there… Way to go Rob Wallace and Mr. Quinn and the entire FLASH CREW… and congrats to the winning film …. Tuning in Mr. Bell

  • April 28, 2018

    Ms. O'Leary

    Can the films be posted here on the quad for us to see after the event? Hope so!!!!

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