Thrilling Tuesday

The question this week was if you could live another SHP student’s life for a day whose would it be and why?

Tevita – Monte

John Willard – Bryant Gavello

i would be armand so i could have his talented voice – Gracie Parker

Evan Nichols – Ingrid Corrigan

i want to be cheskie because she is going to USC and is very talented – Gabby Kunde

jack shep bc then I would know how to surf. also so I could have a deep talk in a bunk bed with lil shep (they have a cool bunk bed) – Nick Lin

someone cute to make them talk to real me – Nellie McAdams


Schlotter so I could start chants wherever I am – John Willard


Jake Davidson because he is hilarious – Larry Hart


Crockett cuz he’s a cool guy – Jetta Chu


churro because he is raw water polo – Will Riley


i would be henry lucas so i could surf – Cate Desler

jack moe because he is a very good musician – Jack Moultrup


i would be Sara Choy for the day because she’s a legend and she gets a lot of boba – Olivia Pawlowski

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