Topographic Tuesday (3/27)

The question this week was: If you could spend your spring break in any tv show, movie, or book what would it be and what would you do?

Drake and josh bc it would be fun and is the best show of all Tim. he would be a good replacement for josh. – Reese Lindiquist

Shameless because you can do anything you want. – Dr. Letteer

Sharpay in high school musical – Josie Crockett and Kira Ackerman

I’d be the map from Dora because that guy knows everything – Nick Lin

McLovin in Superbad – Wilson

I would live in Ella Enchanted and watch the fight scene that is her wedding – Claire Stalder

Jordan Belford wolf of Wall Street – Tommy Hogan

I think I would want to be part of the family in one hundred and one Dalmatians because at the end of the movie all the doggos return home and the family gets to keep 101 dogs they’re living the life. – Olivia Pawlowski

Big brother because it would be fun to play that game for a week.  – Walker Seymor

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