Monday Madness 3/26 (Highlights of the Weekend)

Gaby Gutierrezz (’19) says, “I went to Home Cafe in San Francisco this weekend. I ordered a condensed milk toast with a cookie monster latte. But then I got hungry again so I ordered another toast, avocado with crushed bacon, and a coconut water. I 10/10 recommend.”


This weekend, Omar Flores (’19) went to San Francisco and ate clam chowder, then went to twin peaks, and claims he had a “joyous time.”


Gracie Parker (‘18) says “this weekend, I took my exchange student to the city and we got chicken and waffles.”
Holly Daley (’19): “I had my birthday dinner at Stella downtown Burlingame. I had a caesar salad and truffle gnocchi. The sauce of the gnocchi was the best part so I dipped my bread in it once I was done. I highly recommend going there for a nice Italian meal.”

Haley Zimits (’19) had a great weekend because she finished her recent favorite TV series: The Office.

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