Trendy Tuesday

The question this week was: If you could have two SHP faculty as parents, who would they be and why?

Armando and Picchetti because they are funny – Evie Sutton, Sloan Reinstein, and Annie Texido

Mr. Smock is a savage Inga just a funny person – Jake Wheeler

Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Kelly – Caden Moses and Jack Fitzsimons

Ms. Kelly and Mr. Cardamone because they’d be fun to hang out with and I think we’d get along well – Claire Morrical

Perla for her loving nature, and the smockster for his love of the game – Nick Schlotter

Fitz and Judge – Cate Desler

Moffat and Nagy because both would be fun to have deep discussions with. – Holly Daley

Mr hunter because he’d be able to protect me, and Mrs. Pascale because she’s cool – Patrick Duane

I would pick Mr. Moffat because he would be a fun dad. and Mrs Nagy because she would listen to my problems and give me hugs – Lindsey Johnston

Ms. Sweeney because she’s basically already my mom and is always there for me and understands me and provides support and Ms. Kelly because she always provides me with the best shows to watch especially about serial killers, and then faith would be my sister. – Bridget Tuomala

DK and Mrs. Fitz because both are chill and would be fun parents. – Ryan Friere

Kelly would allow me to think and become my own person and Mcdade would be a good role model as to how to live life. – Corey Tanis

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