Monday Madness 3/12 (highlights of the weekend)

Thomas Burlinson (’19) says “I was driving around at this intersection when this lady signaled me to go. I then preceded to go and then she hit my Prius.” So sad.


Joe Sonsini (’19) had a close call while surfing this weekend. He snapped his board in two during a huge wipeout, but somehow escaped unharmed…


Haley Martella (’18) had her last NCL event on Saturday night


Luke Rohlen (’18) says the highlight of his weekend was staying over night at school on Friday to write the script for Play in a Day


On Sunday, Annie Crousore (’19) tried Bumble in Los Altos for brunch, and definitely recommends. She also went to see Gracie Parker as Belle in Beauty in the Beast (great job Gracie!)


Jack Moe (’18) and Mark Botros (’18) ventured to Windy Hill, CA this weekend to work on their photography projects and enjoy the spectacular views

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