Turtleneck Tuesday

The question this week was: If you could shrink any animal down to a cat size, what would it be and what would you do with it?

“I would shrink a pelican that’s able to be domesticated and id feed it premium quality guppies from my local Petco.” – Nick Lin

“I would shrink an elephant and make it great dane size so I could like ride it around and play with it.”- Nadia Paquin

“I would shrink a human and I would teach it tricks” – Ryan Friere


“I would shrink a grizzly bear from Alaska and it would be like my dog” – Cloey Selna

“Rhinosorous bc she has always wanted to cuddle one and it would be fun to have a pet rhino” – Lindsey Johnston

“I would make an elephant the size of a cat and then give it water and make it a fountain.” – Tatum Angotti

“I would shrink an abnormally large cat and make it a smaller cat so that it could finally fit in and feel accepted.” – Gracie Parker

“Cat because god made them that way and we should respect that.” – Caitlin Carcione

so I asked Max Murray this question and then he said that he had a notes page answering this very specific question from August 2016 saved on his phone

“I would either shrink a great dane to the size of a chihuahua or i would shrink a killer whale to the size of a goldfish or i would shrink a hippo to the size of a small dog and i would take it on walks.” – Olivia Pawlowski

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