Tomato Tuesday

We asked around on campus: what’s the weirdest dream you’ve had lately?
And this is what we’ve got!

“I was in a grocery store parking lot when a ton of people dressed in bunny suites started chasing us. My mom came down in a space ship to save my sister, dad, and me. My sister and I ran to my mom, but unfortunately my dad did not make it but another ship got him back to us safely.” Holly Daley

“I fell off a roof onto a chicken that turned into a horse that I rode into the sunset on.” Bridget Tuomala

“I came to school super early one morning and was excited, but it turned out it was a Saturday.” Paige Goldberg


“I keep having a dream that I show up late to gracie’s musical. I forget to bring her flowers, or a poster or anything and I miss her performance in the show. and you’re there too cheskie.” Olivia Pawlowski


“I woke up in the middle of a street to find a killer behind me. I’m only a block away from my house so I sprint there to hideout in my room. I eventually hear him enter my house so I try to run to my parents room, but for some reason am moving in slow motion. As you can imagine, the killer caught up to me, but right as I turned around I woke up.” Will Riley

“I dreamt I was tarzan swinging from tree to tree in the forest as a monster chased me down.” Jake Davison

“Me and my family were on top of a cliff overlooking a large canyon. A clown then came up behind us in an ice cream truck that was playing some pretty creepy music. The clown chased us down a spiraling staircase into the canyon. We then had to sprint across the whole thing with him still chasing until we eventually ran into an arena full of people cheering for us because we escaped the clown.” Dillon Galvin


“I had this dream that I was being chased by a fire-breathing dragon and I was in a house but then I escaped through a window and slid down a pipe. Then I got out of the area and ran as fast as I could to the nearest town and hid in the Mexican restaurant there. Then the main character from the TV show I was watching right before I went to bed opened the door to the bathroom as I was sitting on the floor and I woke up.” Francesca Boerio

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