Spirit Week 2015: Theme Videos

“An impressive work (for sophomores), this video details the adventures of four bananas trying to regain control over the humans that have taken over their home. I wasn’t overly impressed until witnessing quite possibly the greatest moment in cinematic history in which a banana clad Dr. Slafter transfers his last bit of power to a fellow banana, Thomas Wine, giving him the strength to defeat the humans. 7.8/10″ -Jack

“This video, a rare spirit week music video, is a creative display by the class of 2016. The song is catchy with a hook sure to be stuck in your head for at least a day. A classic spirit week video that will be remembered for generations, leaving c/o ’16 Cameron Dulsky and Brian O’Kelly in jorts on the internet forever. 8.4/10″



“The classic bullied girl that uses her hardships as motivation and trains hard to join the circus story is depicted here by the Class of 2015. After watching this video, I’m still trying to figure out the point. There were almost no jokes or interesting developments, leaving me wondering why I spent 7:38 minutes of my life watching this.  4.2/10″ -Jack

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