Taco Tuesday 1/30

So this week on the quad the question asked around campus was: What’s the most ridiculous thing someone has tricked you into believing or you have tricked someone into believing?

“I tricked all my friends into thinking there was a ghost named Anne in my house… they still believe it.” -Olivia Pawlowski

“I was tricked into eating someone’s cat food because they said they were protein bites.” -Dillon Galvin

“In my interview for shp, I said that i liked photography and wanted to bring back traditional photography. I ended up convincing my interviewer that I had a black room in my house. It was a total accident and I think about it a lot… Sophomore year, I had Mia Nikcevic convinced that Donald Trump was a Democrat for maybe 45 minutes.” – Cassie Vaden

“My mom told me chocolate milk came from brown cows.” – Holly Daley

“I tricked someone into believing that I was going to be someone in one of the Twilight movies when I was like 10.” -Zach Abuel

“My brother tricked me into walking across our electric dog fence with a shock collar on for $50. Tricked me because I still haven’t received my $50 to this day…” -Jake Davison

“Santa is real. Mechanical pencils are better than normal ones. High School is like High School Musical.” – Celia Charlton

“I always seem to believe when someone tells me gullible is written on the ceiling!!” – Claire Morrissey

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