Taco Tuesday 1/23

On Tuesdays, we ask students all across campus one specific question. This week the question was:

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done or seen someone do in the past week?


“Watching Tevita MoiMoi show up to the formal pre-party in glasses, even though it was nighttime” – Patrick Hagerty

“Witnessing anonymous (he did not want to be named) fall down the third floor stairs” – Larry Hart

“Having a Gibby tattoo stuck on my hand and having a college interview tomorrow is pretty embarrassing chances I get it to come off are pretty low, its stuck man” – Olivia Pawlowski

“I put on self tanner wrong and now I look like a zebra.” – Caitlin Carcione

“Yesterday I opened the door for someone in Homer and they responded with a simple Thank You. I was choosing between saying Your Welcome and No Problem. I stumbled and unfortunately said ‘Your Problem'”- Thomas Burlinson

“I walked into an umbrella on senior patio yesterday, then I walked into a ton of tree branches today while texting.” – Cate Desler

“I slipped and fell fully down a flight of stairs, got up, then fell right back down.” – Bridget Tuomala

“When Henske walked into the caf to ask but couldn’t find Victoria because she wasn’t there” – Nick Lin

“I don’t know, leave me alone.” – Omar Flores

At Lemo foundation, Evie’s friend took a video of a “hot guy” and put it on her private story. One of her friends who could see the story, watched it when her boyfriend was looking and the boyfriend was best friends with the “hot guy.” The boyfriend sent this video to the “hot guy” and the girls now see this guy every Wednesday. – Evie Sutton

Also today, the girls’ varsity soccer team played Menlo.

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