finals season

Hey Gators! As we all know, finals is approaching. Not only is finals approaching, but alternative
assessments week as well. As these next few weeks leading up to December 15th – December
20th are going to be quite stressful and may make you contemplate if dropping out of high
school is actually that bad of an option. Well, to help you not have those thoughts and get
through finals and into winter break in a breeze, I have prepared a mental to do list for tackling
those tricky units and essays!
First! turn off your phone. I understand this is the one task most struggle with and dread the
most but once you get it over with by whether it be placing it across the room to avoid
temptation or shutting it down. Trust me, you will get into the groove of studying and most
definitely thank yourself during that subject final. Then you can use your phone all you want
after! You won’t be missing out on anything so just keep going.
Second, drink lots of coffee or (if you are not a coffee drinker) anything that makes you awake
and focused. This is actually proven in a study that if a student struggles with memorizing
information for schoolwork, moderate coffee drinking can help keep their memory sharpen for
up to 24 hours or even beyond. So consider it! This brings me to my next suggestion.
Lastly, DO NOT stay up till 4 am or even 2 am. Trust me, you will not be retaining information
long term because you will probably be so drained that your brain won’t connect all the
information being read. It will also make you feel very tired and have a harder time focusing the
next day. Do yourself a favor and study earlier, at school or in a library during the day and go to
bed at a reasonable time. You will understand the concepts more than learning them at 4 am.
Those are just three suggestions as the finals week comes to a start. I wish you all luck!!

–Gabby Kunde

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