Jack & John’s Corner: iPhone 8

As many of you know, Apple is a local based company that is dominating the tech industry. Considering the company started in a garage, I think it’s safe to say they’ve come a long way. However, since the tragic death of Steve Jobs, many have said the company has gone down hill. They have released a plethora of controversial products such as the iPhone X and the Apple Watch. Most recently, the company released a few new models of the iPhone, such as the 8, 8 plus, and the X. Today we will be reviewing the 8 plus.


Pro’s: So far my experience with the iPhone 8 has been enjoyable and painless. Before the iPhone 8, I had a beat up, cracked, barely functioning iPhone 6 and could not have been more excited to make the switch which may cause some bias on my part. It’s tough for me to know where to start when talking about the great things of the new iPhone. First off, the camera is absolutely amazing. With 12 megapixels and 4k recording (not that I have any idea what that means), it doesn’t get much better (I think). The most simple picture turns into a masterpiece that could win an award in photography. Furthermore, one small thing that has made my life much easier is the improvements made to the fingerprint scanner. When turning on your phone all it takes is the slightest touch of your finger and your phone is open immediately. This not only makes unlocking your phone a breeze, but transforms Apple Pay to an easy, quick form of payment. This is life changing when compared to using Apple Pay with an older iPhone in which it doesn’t work half the time and creates an awkward situation with whomever you are purchasing something from. Possibly my favorite feature are the impressively loud speakers. On the bottom and front of the phone, these speakers might be louder than the Sonos system set up in my living room. Finally, as inconsequential as it may seem, the shape, weight, and feel are unmatched in any other phone. The sleek, comfortable design just feels like it belongs in your hand and looks like an accessory rather than a phone.

Cons: The most obvious downside to the iPhone 8 is the lack of a headphone jack. My main issue is not actually the inability to use a headphone jack, but how easy the adapter is to lose. I’ve had the new iPhone for just over a month now and have already lost two of the adapters. They are nearly impossible to keep track of because they are so small and need to be used for many different situations. Whether it was taking it to school so that I could listen to music in my headphones or bringing it in a friends car to play music on their aux, they get lost often. Another issue I’ve found is with the wireless charging. This added feature certainly is interesting and has a lot of potential, but the current charging docks available just don’t do a great job. Occasionally when I rest my phone on the dock for the night, it will charge on and off continuously, making the annoying vibration over and over.

Conclusion: The iPhone 8 is a great new piece of technology and I believe the best phone available, excluding the new iPhone X of course. The amazing camera, screen, and feel of the phone are unmatched and really set this phone as a luxury device. I would absolutely recommend purchasing this phone.

Rating: 8.53



Pros: Just recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on the iPhone 8, an upgrade from my previous IPhone 6. I thoroughly enjoy the size of this new cellular device. The screen is nice and big, and I personally like the bigger sized screen over my old one. Typing is much easier, and playing games is far more enjoyable on the larger screen. Another positive spec about this phone is the speakers. The speaker is extremely loud and the quality of the sound is unprecedented in the smartphone industry. I mean this speaker sounds like a nice UE Boom. The last and final thing I will be complementing is the camera. Wow. Who needs a Nikon or Canon camera when you got the 8 plus. The camera is comparable to the ones they use on the show “Planet Earth”.

Cons: Saying all of these positive things, I would actually say that the 8 plus has been a disappointment. For me personally, the few things that have changed have been bad changes. First, the headphone jack does not exist anymore. What is Apple thinking? Who cares about water resistance? Taking the headphone jack isn’t going to do anything… and if it does, I’ll take the risk of water damage rather than not having a head phone jack. It may sound foolish, but the lack of the jack is nothing but an illogical inconvenience. The adapters are annoying. Time to put the jack in. Secondly, the back of the phone is glass. Good job apple, the phone is very good visually. However, you know what isn’t very good? A shattered back of a phone. Many may be thinking that Apple makes phone cases to prevent this shatter, however what is the point of the glass back if everyone has a case on? Finally, my last critique will be on the home button. What is Apple thinking? How could this ever be a good idea to turn a home button into an electronic sensor that vibrates every time you touch it? It is fake and extremely annoying, and this is just pointless. It is Apple thinking that they are the creators of cutting edge technology, but it is just a hinderance.

Conclusion: Overall, not much different than any other iPhone, but there are some good and new features.

Rating: 7.7

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