SHPBusters: What happened to Dunk Hoops?

As many of you know, Dunk Hoops was once a phenomenon sweeping across the nation. Few people were as successful in their Dunk Hoops career as Tommy Hogan. People like Tommy Hogan practiced every single day for these games and spoke highly of these events. When asked, Tommy reports that  he “lived for these games, they were [his] pride and joy, and [he] often looked forward to slamming bodies and balls.” Now, Dunk Hoops is dying. Games have been a rare sight. The once vibrant Phillips Brooks school hosting Dunk Hoops is now a lonely basketball court looking for some fun. The question is: will Dunk Hoops return and if so, how successful will the revival be? Big Joey D believes “a resurgence is possible” but to happen, he thinks everyone needs to be in support of the cause. 

Dunks hoops has historic roots, being alive for years and taking place amongst different races, religions, and socio economic classes. It has broken down barriers through competitive street basketball in which skill levels and strategies varied vastly. No one can quite recall when the dunk hoops phenomenon became obsolete, but it has not gone unnoticed. Ballers such as Cody Wiebe and Brian Tinsley constantly request matches but they somehow fizzle out. We interviewed Joey D. at his workplace, (country corner), where he was forced to get a job after dunk hoops became obsolete. Dunk hoops provided Joey with sponsorship money and ticket sales which contributed to his primary income. Joey is simply one example of the many individuals and families affected by the decrease in dunk hoops activity.

So. You may be wondering, because this is such a substantial issue, what you can do to bring change? Its very simple! Try to take time out of your busy schedules. Get together with some of your buds and try and get back to your roots.

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