SHP’s Latest Play: The Crucible

Awaiting the curtain to rise on Sacred Heart’s latest production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible on October 19th, 20th, and 21st, the audience excitingly gathered in their seats. Sacred Heart students performed in Campbell Performing Arts Center for a crowd of family members, friends, and students. The director, Francine Torres, and all the actors brought the play to life through their dedication to the production. The setting looked as if it was taken straight from a broadway production, and the play itself was quite interesting; enrapturing the crowd of parents and attentive viewers. The acting was spectacular, like that of freshmen Anne-Sophie Lacombe (who played the role of Abigail Williams), along with the relief of humor provided by old man, Giles Corey. The play was overall very entertaining and an impressive piece!

Photo courtesy of a tenth grade student

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