Valpo Sweatshirt Critique

This year, for Valpo Bowl, instead of the usual long sleeved shirts, we got sweatshirts. While a lot of people love the sweatshirts, there was a lot of controversy that came with it. The first issue was the price, instead of paying 10-15 dollars, the sweatshirts cost 25 dollars. While that’s not much more, some students were a bit upset. Another issue surrounding the sweatshirts was that there was no (friendly) menlo-bashing involved. In past years, on the back of shirts there have been puns like “MenLOL”, and “We do it #ForThePrep”.  This year, the back only had a little symbol that said SHP v. Menlo. Other than breaking the tradition of the long sleeved shirts, there is nothing else that stood in the way of people loving these sweatshirts. They kept everyone warm, while still showing our school’s Valpo spirit!

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