SHPBusters: Origin of Comfortable Chairs

As part of the SHP quad we have an obligation to address the concerns and questions of students. This week we will discuss the eternal question of where the nice chairs come from. Everyone has experienced a classroom where there is one chair that is simply nicer than the others, and yet no one knows its origin. We have witnessed multiple instances where there is one chair in a classroom that is much more comfortable than all the rest and is usually snatched up by some who obviously deserves it more than everyone else. Because there is only one chair it cannot be equally distributed amongst all of the students and the teachers usually do not meddle in these disputes. The conflict is not necessary that there is a nice chair, it really lies in that there are not enough chairs for everyone and no one knows how to obtain these chairs. They simply appear and disappear like ships passing in the night. It is unjust and wrong. We believe that everyone should be given their own chair which can recline and do other cool things. These chairs should be able to to fold up with the click of a button and transported with the students to the next class. End the unequal distribution of comfortable chairs by getting to the root cause of the issue. Help us find the origin of these chairs!!!!!


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