Words of Wisdom

Hi everyone, my name is Claire Morrical and I have a few words of wisdom that will greatly influence and help you out during your time at SHP!
1) Always, always, always, under all circumstances, procrastinate. If you see you have a big paper due the next day, make sure you squeeze in two more Netflix episodes before you start it (the night before, that is, since you procrastinated starting said paper).

2) That being said, you cannot achieve the ultimate procrastination status if you try and get ahead on your schoolwork for the week. If you know you have 3 tests, 2 quizzes, and an essay due all in one week, you should never, under any circumstance, try and finish homework ahead of time.

3) That brings me to my next piece of advice- stay up every night as late as possible doing work. If your homework assignment is extra challenging and requires hours and hours of work time that gets in the way of your other assignments, finish it anyway. Your teachers do not want to help you and office hours is not a great time for questions.
4) About Office hours- make sure you spend the whole time playing games on your iPad or chit-chatting in the cafeteria. Office hours is not a time for productivity. Make sure you waste that time you have to possibly help yourself out later.
I sincerely hope these amazing words of wisdom help you out greatly in your 4 years at Sacred Heart Prep. They sure have gotten me far!

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