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In this article we are going to try and resolve the ongoing debate over the best boba places in the Bay Area. Depending on who you ask, you will get a variety of different responses, but our opinion is the correct one so stay tuned!

There are many factors that go into creating the thirst quenching, mouth watering perfect cup of boba tea. What are they you may ask? The quality, including the texture and size of the boba, the degree of sweetness, and if you order a milk tea, the taste of the milk. These are all important factors that deeply affect our decision.

The Bay Area is blessed with options like TPumps, Teaspoon, T4, Boba Guys, and even the famous Posh Bagel makes boba tea! The numerous choices definitely make our decision that much harder, but after much thought and careful taste testing, our choices we have come to two that out stand the rest.

First we have anonymous contributor #1 who firmly believes that nothing compares to boba guys. “The boba is soft and always cooked to perfection”, says this boba expert.  They express that the taste of the tea is like none other, “straight off the tree type of taste nothing can match”. Finally, the milk adds the final piece to the puzzle, being fresh and delicious makes for a refreshing and heavenly experience. boba guys deserves a 10/10 in all categories you should definitely give it a try if you ever find yourself down in San Carlos.

Another safe bet is T4 in downtown Palo Alto. Contributor #2 assures that you will never be dissatisfied with their prime quality tea. A few suggestions that are underrated and unknown are the strawberry smoothies! Also, the mini boba adds a new texture that brings the drink to a whole new level. Contribut0r #2 believes that “T4 definitely deserves 5 stars!!!”

We hope this article saves you a good 5 minutes next time you are debating where to get boba! Tune in next week for another juicy article!

And who are we? That’s one secret we’ll never tell.

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