Jack & John’s Corner: Rainbows

For the few that don’t know what Rainbows are, they are a sandal brand created in 1972 in Jay Longley’s Laguna Beach garage. He started with $200 dollars, bought a sewing machine and some rubber, and started slowly making sandals at just six pairs a week. Today, Rainbow Sandals makes over two million pairs a year and is often considered the best pair available. These flops are constructed using only the finest leather, purest rubber, and strongest nylon. Not only does Rainbows make a great pair of flip flops, but they also are active supporters of over thirty three schools and organizations including the U.S. Marine Corps, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Wounded Warrior Project.


Pros: It’s hard to know where to start when describing the amazing qualities of Rainbow Sandals. First off, the style is just unfair. I challenge anyone to find something you can’t wear with a crisp pair of Rainbows. Black tie event? Perfect. Day at the beach? Even better. Going skiing? Why not? Furthermore, such fantastic quality is almost unheard of today. I have two pairs of these sandals, the first, I bought in seventh grade a couple sizes too big and still wear them extremely often with little wear-and-tear sustained.

Cons: However, believe it or not, Rainbows do have their drawbacks. First off, they can get a quite expensive for a pair of flip flops, listed at about $58. Another issue I have found is the difficulty to break them in. When a new pair of Rainbows is bought it takes at least a couple of weeks to wear them in and fit them to your feet. During this short period, they will cause some noticeable discomfort in your feet.



Pros: Words cannot describe my love for my rainbows. These puppies have been through everything and I would most likely take a bullet for them. These fine, hand crafted, American made beauties are an essential part of my daily life. It is too often that someone makes a comment about the amount I wear flip flops. People who ask this are simply unaware and blind to the wonders of rainbow flip flops. To answer the question, if I wake up in the morning and am tired, why would I undergo the rigorous process of putting on socks and shoes when I can slip on exceptionally comfortable leather perfectly molded to my feet? Comfort wise, any other brand of flip flop is an absolute insult to the bows. They come in many different colors, styles, and other configurations to satisfy consumers. They are extremely practical and work for all terrains. If I was stuck on an island and could bring three things I would bring three pairs of rainbows. They are suitable for anything you can think of. Whether you want to take a hike up the Rocky Mountains, hop a barbed wire fence, or find yourself in any other extreme situation rainbows are the footwear for you.

Cons: There are very few cons I can think of about rainbows. Personally, the only problem I have with these flip flops is breaking them in. The first few days of wearing rainbows has to be tougher than Navy Seal Training. I mean the stiff leather specializes at creating gnarly blisters and cuts. It may be a war zone the first few days, however after you will be extremely happy you persisted through the pain. Conclusion: Overall, rainbows are the obvious choice. Their durability, comfort, as well as aesthetics are unprecedented. I cannot stress how great these flops are, and if anything bad ever happened to my bows, I do not know if I could survive.


If you don’t own a pair of Rainbows already, what are you waiting for? These are simply the best sandals on the market and nothing will ever take them down. The comfort is so unreal they feel like an extension of your feet that you never want to take off. Now go out buy a pair, break the shoes in, and wear your Rainbows everywhere.



Individual rating: 9.8/10

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