Everybody Do Their Share

Doesn’t everyone know the song “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere… clean up, clean up, everybody do their share”? Everyone knows it was your favorite childhood song.

Do you ever miss those days when you sang the cleanup song in kindergarten? Well now Mr. Quattlebaum and Mr. Bell play a song in the cafeteria about five minutes before the end of lunch every day. The song helps motivate everyone to start cleaning up their tables after lunch, making the cafeteria much more clean. This has really affected the way we treat the cafeteria, and the songs help lift the mood of the students. Clean up time is a great time to get up and sing along with all of your peers as well as clean up the tables around you to make the jobs of the kitchen staff easier. It unifies the school around one common goal of keeping our home clean, and brightens people’s days. On top of this, it also shows respect to the staff at Sacred Heart and shows that we care about the place we get to call our second home.

Make sure to clean up after yourself in the cafeteria!


-Holly Daley

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