Racist Future essay?

Something I always found strange was how generations are attached to a music type that the next finds awful. For example, I couldn’t imagine living a life where you dance to rock music and grunge. Hip-hop and rap just fit the soundtrack of my life in a way that no other music could. My mom would argue that classic rock is the only music. This divide brought me to wonder what music my children will listen to. After some talks with my RSCJ, I have determined that it will probably be world music. Instruments from all over the world will be combined into beats and the most famous artists will come from all over the globe.
Music reflects the times and even though a movement of isolationism and non-interventionism is occurring, I doubt it will prevail. In 50 years, imagine that the world will be massively interconnected. There are endless things that will stem from this but to me the most interesting is the massive increase in mixed race people that I think will occur. I remember seeing the Time Magazine cover of the average American in 2050. She has a light brown complexion with olive eyes and streaked blonde hair. She is the definition of a convergence towards the mean; a mean that in this case is humanity. I wonder if she will be a movement toward the end of racism or a catalyst for a heightened form of it. The latter is far more complicated then the former. Unfortunately, I could see a future where having a large population of mixed race individuals brings self-superiority to pure raced individuals. I absolutely hope this is not the case but with the climate of racism that already exists, it is not hard to see.

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