PB&J Poem

Ingrid C. combined her passion for poetry and love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to create a poem that is “both sweet and nutty” as described by Ingrid.


Absolute enchantment—

Labyrinth of grain

Confined and perspiring in its plastic home.

Two triangles, scalene


A destined partnership,


Salivating, I thieve,


Becoming selfish with growing anticipation.

Mouth ajar, drool on my red pulsing lips,

Absorbed and caressed by the sponge.


Abandoned, falling to the floor.

Orphan crumbs,

In search of refuge, fatally

Abducted by sweaty soles.


O dearest

A life cut short.

Damned barbaric youth.

Clinging motionless to Arabian threadwork,

A sticky funeral.


Poem written by Ingrid C.

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