SHS Mentorship Program


Remember when you were that awkward 8th grader that was really nervous about high school? You didn’t know what to think, what to expect, who your friends would be, or if you would be able to handle the busy high school schedule?

To help 8th graders through this transition, Kyra DiMarco created a Mentorship Program as her Creative Inquiry project. During the mentorship program a group of SHP students go to the Sacred Heart Middle School and get to know the 8th graders. Sacred Heart high school and middle school students are able to get to know each other, play games, and have fun!

During this time with the students from the prep, 8th graders can ask all the unanswered questions that the admissions officers don’t touch on. 8th grade students at Sacred Heart can learn what life is truly like at the prep in regards to academic, spiritual, athletic, and social life.

Kyra says, “My main hope in creating the SHS Mentorship Program was to help spread Goal 4 through both the prep and middle school. The high school students are such amazing resources for the middle schools and for high school students, it is so valuable to work with younger students. The project’s success has exceeded my expectations and I’m so proud of the impact it has had.”

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