Lindsey M.

This week we are shining the student spotlight on Lindsey M. Lindsey is a sophomore here and she was a host to Blanca T. of Spain during most of January as part of our exchange program. As a student in Spanish 3 Honors, Lindsey was very excited to meet a new friend from Barcelona, practice her spanish, and eventually take a trip to Barcelona over the summer for a few weeks. She and Blanca had been paired together because they shared similar interests, but once she met Blanca she realized how alike they were and how soon they would become best friends. They bonded immediately and enjoyed touring San Francisco, Los Angeles, Disneyland, and Menlo Park together! They were both so sad when Blanca had to say “adios!” after her four-week visit, but they look forward to seeing each other in Barcelona this summer. Lindsey says how she “was so lucky to be matched with someone that will be a lifetime friend,” and she “can’t wait to go to Spain this summer and hopefully continue the exchange for years to follow.” Lindsey and Blanca are just one example of the amazing friendships and experiences that our exchange program offers, and it is a great opportunity for students of all grade levels.

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