Trump L’Oeil Paintings

The students in Mrs. O’Leary’s studio art class have been working on a new and exciting project, Trump L’Oeil paintings. Trump L’Oeil is an art medium, usually a painting, that is intended to appear three-dimensional and very realistic. Here is a very impressive and famous piece of Trump L’Oeil art by Edgar Mueller that appeared in a 2007 art festival.

Trump L’Oeil art by Edgar Mueller

During the Trump L’Oeil project in studio art class, each student chose four personal items that hold special meaning, and attempted to paint them as realistically as possible with watercolor paints. All the paintings turned out great and can be seen hanging up in Sigall.

Below is the link to a video of each person’s artwork. Their objects are placed right next their paintings, exemplifying how accurate the paintings are.

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