Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson, starting sophomore on girls varsity lacrosse, is this week’s “Beast of the Week”. Every week, Coach Wendy Kridel awards the title of Beast of the Week to one star player who has exhibited personal effort and excellence throughout the week. With the title, the player also receives the beast of the week shirt, a tie-dyed xL shirt, to wear to practice for the following week. When the player receives their honorable award, they also get to sign the shirt as a mark of their beastlyness, Grace Johnson was given the beast of the week shirt yesterday, Monday the 3rd of April, at practice for her effort in the game last Friday that led to her buzzer-beater assist. Grace has been on varsity for two years now, and as early as a sophomore, she has become a leader on and off the field. Grace will be the Beast leading the girls into their game today versus the Menlo Knights. Make sure to support Grace and the team today, 5pm at Menlo.

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