Earth Day Art: “Grassroots” Activists

In honor of Earth Day (coming up on April 22nd), Ms. O’Leary’s studio art class started a project to raise awareness of “grassroots” activists. The sophomore artists payed respect to numerous Goldman Environmentalist Prize recipients. The prize is awarded to those that work tirelessly to promote positive change within their community. The work of these environmentalists range from protecting endangered species against poachers to providing land titles to indigenous communities. Powerful movements have been recognized all over the world, reaching all six inhabited continental areas. After hand-selecting the environmentalists that appealed to them most, the studio art class applied a method used by SJTI presenter, Miriam K. S. The artists used X-Acto knives to cut black paper silhouettes of the winners. These images will be displayed in Harman to inspire students and faculty to learn from the Goldman Environmentalists and take action in protecting our environment!

Manana Kochladze, honored for her efforts to protect villagers in the former Soviet Republic (created by Alexa B.)

The book that inspired the artistic process

Orri Vigfússon and Marina Silva; illustrated by Lindsey M. and Katie Q.

Danielle D. holds her framed portrait of Caroline Cooper

Katie Q. poses with her portrait of Marina Silva

Cindy works hard outlining her activist, Kory Johnson

Written by: Ingrid C.

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