Trouble in the Water

On Thursday afternoon, as the swimmers sat in their various classes, they contemplated their practice after school, asking themselves, “how hard will the set be today?” “Will I shed tears?” “Will I have to cover?” But their questions were soon halted when they received an email from Coach Kmo saying that practice would be cancelled after school because the pool heater was broken and the pool was at risky temperature of 73 degrees (9 degrees lower than average swim practice temperature). Relief and joy filled the swimmers as they read this email, and after school, many went out for food and Starbucks, while others raced home to get a headstart on their schoolwork. But these feelings of relief and joy soon turned into feelings of anxiety and worry. For one cancelled practice turned to two, with the notion that practice would be cancelled throughout the upcoming week because the heater was in such a detrimental state. And a week out of the water was just enough time for the swimmers to become horribly out of shape and unable to perform well at CCS. 

Fortunately and unfortunately, depending on your outlook on the sport, the heater was miraculously fixed over the weekend and warm enough to swim in on Monday afternoon. Although some swimmers felt sad that they had to start practicing earlier in the week than expected, most were relieved and ready to begin working out again. A minor scare to say the least for the SHP swim team, but don’t worry, our gators are back on track and ready to dominate again. 

By: Claire Kerrigan


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