Election Results


The polls are in and here are the results!

ASB President: Luke Rohlen

ASB Secretary: Claire Stalder

ASB Activities: Garret Gavello

SEC: AJ Hull, Grace Battles, Lauren Foster



Three Elected Members of the SEC (Student Executive Council)

Responsible for:

  • Consulting with and advising the School Administration on all matters pertaining to student conduct and policy making.
  • Declaring an Annual review of the Student Government Constitution and a Student Parent Handbook Policy review.


Three Elected Members of the ASB (Associated Student Body)


  • Student Council leader who is primary student interface to school faculty and staff.


  • Maintains the records and minutes from all student council proceedings; develops meeting agendas and helps facilitate communication among Student Government and student body.


  • Responsible for planning monthly activities, dances, homecoming events, Spirit Week, and council-sponsored social activities.



SEC Candidates – Question: Why do you wish to serve this position?

Grace Battles

I am extremely passionate about SHP and I always look for way to get involved at give back to a community which has given so much to me. Although I love the aspect of student government that brings fun to the student body, which I got a taste of while serving as a spirit chair throughout this school year,  during my senior I would love to be a part of SEC. SEC to me is not only a way to give back, or a way to provide a student voice to changes in the handbook and long term decisions which will impact student-life, but also to have a positive impact on future generations of students.



Lauren Foster

I want to serve in this position to voice the opinions and concerns of the student body and make sure the students are represented in the making of the handbook. I believe that the handbook should be fair and hold equal concerns for both the students and administration. I also want to help connect the student body to administration through more communication.


Andrew Hull

I would like to serve on the Student Executive Council next year, because I intend to be a strong voice for the SHP student body, and contribute to the SEC, by reaching out to all new and current SHP students throughout the year. My message will be participation and involvement. The best way to get the most out of your experience at SHP, and to love the school, like I do, is to be an involved student. I will work to personally encourage and welcome all students to play a sport, or an extra sport, join a club, and be involved in a variety of events – building floats, attending a prayer service, being a fan, or watching our dance team at halftime! I have made great friends at SHP, I’ve had fun, and I love this school! When I started SHP, I knew only five people. But since being at SHP, I have played sports and had limited success. I’ve made mediocre pottery and I’ve written some good newspaper articles. I’ve gone to the dances and been the Boys Soccer Team’s favorite game announcer. I’ve participated in a political campaign, walking in Los Altos for weeks, to help a city council candidate, who ended up losing her election by eight votes! But all of my endeavors have resulted in happy times and laughter with friends, something I hope to impart to all SHP students. The message that I will deliver to all SHP students is that you are a good student, or you would not have been admitted to SHP, (or allowed to stay). We have a wonderful teaching staff and you will do well in your careers. But your high school experience will be made great by what happens outside of the classroom. Participate in sports, write for our paper, sing, dance, or act, organize, get involved, meet new people and try new things. It worked for me!


Zack Pendolino

I served on SEC last year and I really would like to be on the SEC again in my senior year. I really felt like I had a positive impact on the school during my time as a SHP Student Leader last year and I would like to continue that in my senior year.



ASB Candidates – Question: Why do you wish to serve this position?


Luke Rohlen

I want to build a stronger a sense of community within Sacred Heart. I want to increase events outside school and decrease grade gaps. I want to do all of this while bringing a certain energy and vitality to ASB.



Paige Goldberg

Being a part of student government has been something I have wanted to do since I came to SHP my sophomore year. I want to be a person that others can look up to and rely on if they want to share their ideas. ASB secretary would allow me to do exactly that. SHP does a great job at making it accessible for people to get involved, and I want to contribute to that sense of community during my senior year.


Claire Stalder

I am running for ASB Secretary because I want to help make the decisions that affect the students’ everyday lives. I’d love to be able to contribute to the student body in a positive way regarding spirit events, dances, clubs, or even sporting events. I think ASB is an amazing opportunity to put my voice and my ideas to good use while working closely with my fellow classmates on behalf of our school community.


Hannah Swart

I really enjoyed being the secretary and treasurer my sophomore year because I got to know my classmates better and I helped to come up with fun ideas for class bonding.



John Carroll

I was able to get involved with many school activities this year as a Spirit Chair and want to continue my involvement.  As a Spirit Chair I was able to be creative and have fun as well as learn many valuable leadership skills at the same time. I want to continue to be involved in fun student events and add a student voice while doing so.


Garrett Gavello

I wish to serve in this position because I feel that enjoy school events and attend all that I can from sports to plays. I want to maintain the quality of Sacred Heart Hosted Events and be a bigger part of the Sacred Heart community.


Chloe Spreng

I have always been very interested and involved in activities and love to plan school events. Also my sister served in this position, so I understand what the role involves doing. I have had an inside look from helping her with planning while at home, and also being on activities and being a part of the event planning.


Camille Vais

I love being involved in student life, and I want to get even more involved by serving as a leader for ASB. I want to make school events such as Formal, Prom, and Spirit Week the best that they can be for all SHP students by planning those events according to what the students want them to be. There are always things that can be done to improve activities, and I would hope that by being ASB Activities, I could take into consideration all of the suggestions in order to make certain events even better. Personally, I know that I love planning and attending school events because of the school spirit that SHP has, and I want to maximize that spirit by making activities exciting to everyone. All in all, I want to serve as ASB to bring our community closer with tons of school spirit by making sure that students have fun at school events and feel represented.

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