Armand Akbari

This week we would like to shine a spotlight on Armand Akbari, a sophomore, who is currently in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, done by the theatre company CHildren’s Musical Theatre (CMT)– a nationally acclaimed theatre group in San Jose). Armand is outstanding singer and performer, which anyone who has heard him sing at assemblies would know. He has been working everyday after school for his play while also juggling the work from all his classes. When I talked to Armand about his passion for acting, he described, “The exhilarating feeling I feel on stage is something that can’t be replicated by anything else in life. It’s freedom, luxury, and happiness in its purest form. Theatre has the potential to move hearts and make people feel something, and If I can make one person leave the theatre feeling something powerful within themselves, then I’ve done my job as a performer. Theatre is a time where both actors and audience have the opportunity to forget their personal woes and get lost in stories– causing theatre to be not only to be fun experience, but a therapeutic one as well.” He also hopes to be on broadway some day. We can all go and see the hard-work and dedication Armand has put into cultivating his dream at his play this weekend and next. It would be so amazing if some people could go support him! The time, tickets, and location for his play are listed below.

Link for tickets:

Location: Montgomery Theatre (271 S Market Street, Downtown San Jose, CA –> right next to the tech museum)// it’s a long drive for many of you but it’s SO worth it


-March 4 @ 7pm

-March 5 @ 6pm (talkback after, an interview with actors)

-March 10 @ 7pm

-March 11 @ 2pm

-March 12 @ 1pm



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