Will Mummery: Creative Inquiry Spotlight – shpTV Sports


“I’ve always liked sports,” the simple opening remarks of an interview with Will Mummery. Will is one of many students who have decided to shape their academic lives according to their passions. Through the Creative Inquiry Program, Will is able to send a portion of every school day working on his dream – sports broadcasting. “It all started about two years ago,” remarked Will, “when Pablo Solonas (class of 2015) reached out to me about doing a show. I talked it over with my good friend Erik Morris, and we were nothing but ecstatic. We both shared this innate love of sports and sportscenter, so this was a match made in heaven.” At this moment, it is probably unlikely that Will would have ever known what his interest would generate. He now has a team of close to forty people, broadcasting everything from football to women’s soccer. His crowning achievement is being the official broadcast of the coveted North South Waterpolo challenge, an event that over 1500 people tuned in to watch. As second semester begins, Will expressed his excitement for things to come. “You see spring is women’s lacrosse season and women’s lacrosse is our bread and butter.” In addition to regular broadcasting, Will ended the interview by hinting at a commercial in the works, as well as the need to find a successor. Will and his partner Erik are both seniors, and thus will be heading off to college in a few short months.

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