what to expect from spirit week

Spirit Week 2017 is right around the corner, which leads several to ask, “What can I expect from this year’s spirit week?” Whether you’re a freshman, or a student who hasn’t check their emails from the student body or spirit chairs, here’s the lowdown on what’s to come…

Spirit week is a week filled with community building between grades, through (not-so) friendly competitions, activities, and games. This year, activities include: Theme videos and dodgeball on Monday, lip syncs and a secret event on Tuesday, spirit splash at the pool, quidditch, and rock n’ jock on Thursday, and quiz bowl on Friday. Make sure to remember that SHP is still observing late start Wednesdays, and will not have any events that day. In addition, all grades will be decorating their own designated lobbies according to their theme on Sunday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. If you’re available, stop by at SHP to help your class build your lobby which will be displayed throughout the week! 


One of the best aspects of Spirit Week is the dress up days. Monday, color day; Tuesday, theme day; Wednesday, letter day; Thursday, crazy day; Friday, pj day.  Each day of spirit week, remember to not hold back! Everyone will be wearing crazy, and colorful attire, not just you! There are only 4 spirit weeks in your high school life, so go all out, and show your colorful class spirit! Go Gators!


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