So what actually happens on retreats?


As you probably know Kairos is very secretive and for the underclassmen retreats are more of a field trip, but this week the Quad wanted to give you some insight into the junior retreat!

Just this past month we’ve had two junior retreats where small groups of students are able to bond and build as a community. On the retreat students go to Mount Hermon in Santa Cruz where they can get away from the busy everyday life at school. Although the retreat is only one day, juniors are still able to get a break from the high stress levels at home with a ropes course or a rock climbing wall. The ropes course in the Santa Cruz Mountains are typically the highlight of the trip for most students, but some aren’t a huge fan of heights!

Overall, the majority of juniors enjoy their time on the retreat and suggest going for all you underclassmen looking forward to it!

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