Peter Max Inspired Artwork

This week in Mrs. O’Leary’s studio art class, the students are focusing on the abstract and colorful work of the artist Peter Max. His work is filled with designs that seem simple or cartoon-ish but are in fact quite intricate and real. The bright colors that he uses makes his work seem almost child-like causing a variety of age groups to appreciate his art. In Mrs. O’Leary’s class the students are focusing on the feelings of peace and joy that is portrayed in Max’s work to fill their artwork with life and happiness. The goal is to incorporate as many Peter Max inspired work as possible including human silhouettes, radiating lines, planets, etc. Danielle Debrine and Ingrid Corrigan’s artwork especially capture Peter Max’s essence through the colors and designs they chose to work with.Their paintings are exactly what Mrs. O’Leary had in mind when she gave the assignment.

Danielle DeBrine ‘19

Ingrid Corrigan ‘19

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